Avon Animal Hospital

19475 Fraser Hwy V3S 6K7 Surrey, British Columbia
Phone: (604) 532-7600
TUESDAY 16, JANUARY, 2018 Get $100 Discount on Dental Packages for All Pets with Free Checkup!

Avon Animal Hospital brings forth the best offer for all pet owners. As per the recent offer, they have brought a dental package with almost $100 off on the service along with free exam. However, it is a limited period offer valid till February 28, 2018. As per Dr. Bill Mrar and his efficient team, […]

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MONDAY 15, JANUARY, 2018 Protect Your Dog More Than Your Life

Dogs are the real love of life and they require nurturing to live a longer life. There are examples of dogs in this world who have given up their lives to save their masters. It is said that it is only dogs that love us more than they love themselves. However, these are pretty many […]

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MONDAY 25, SEPTEMBER, 2017 Things to consider while choosing an animal hospital in Surrey

Pets are one of our best peers and us as an individual try and built a positive bond of amity with them. They are someone in our family who would help you out towards getting some sort of tranquility after a morbid toil of existentialism. But it really feels frustrating when they fall ill or […]

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FRIDAY 11, AUGUST, 2017 Why a Veterinarian for Healthy Living of a Pet

It has been observed that the number of pet lovers is increasing day by day. Being a reliable and exciting source of companionship, having pet animals in a living place has been preferred by majority of people. Eventually, they become a vital part of a family. Like other members of a family, pets deserve special […]

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THURSDAY 20, JULY, 2017 Finding the Best Pet Hospital in Surrey

A pet is like a family member who needs the similar level of emotional attachment, love and care for itself from its owner which a person is expected to provide to any other family member. Thus, finding the best pet hospital in Surrey is certainly something which needs to be taken care of in the […]

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MONDAY 12, JUNE, 2017 Veterinarian in Langley – Best Person to Make a Pet’s Living Healthy

Like humans, animals require regular check-up for making their living healthy. In fact, they deserve a better and healthier life. Veterinary check up on a daily basis is the main key to make the living of a domestic animal hale and hearty. It is more than essential to understand the significance as well as impact […]

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MONDAY 12, JUNE, 2017 Veterinarian in surrey and their opinion on dog day care

Dog day care is often being referred to as doggy day care. It is a short term boarding kennel services for the dogs. It shares numerous similarities with a regular daycare for the children. The only exception being that dog care is for the canines. Listed below are the major advantages of dog day care: […]

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FRIDAY 9, JUNE, 2017 Animal Hospital in Surrey – The Best Place to Treat a Pet

Taking care of a pet is equally important like choosing. Pets are really important ant taking care of them is something which cannot be neglected. Availability and flexibility of ample number of veterinary hospitals makes the task of pets care really flexible and convenient. Selecting an animal hospital is must while choosing a lovely pet. […]

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THURSDAY 11, MAY, 2017 Choosing The Right Animal Hospital In Surrey And Availing Their Services

Choosing the right animal hospital for your pet is very important when it comes to ensuring proper health and peace of mind. There are certain things that you need to take into consideration while looking for a Veterinary Clinic in Surrey for your pet. A good comparison of the animal hospital can help you make […]

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THURSDAY 11, MAY, 2017 Veterinarian In Surrey To Ensure Good Health To Your Furry Friend

Animal hospitals are hospitals that offer veterinary care for sick or injured pets like cats, dogs and other furry pets. Honestly speaking, when the matter relates to selecting the right veterinarian for your furry friend you need to ensure that you are choosing one that offers exceptional care. As the owner of the pet, you […]

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