Avon Animal Hospital: Veterinarian in Surrey, BC

Here at Avon Animal Hospital, we are pleased to have a large amount of veterinary services available for our patients. We are proud to be able to serve Surrey, BC and our surrounding communities to give your pet the best care that they deserve!

Our staff at Avon Animal Hospital is filled with passionate animal lovers who are here to help you and your pet! They are highly trained and dedicated to making sure that your pets receive the care and compassion every time they walk in the door!

We offer the following services to keep your pets healthy:
  • Dental Health

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  • Surgery

    We are pleased to offer our clients the highest quality veterinary care.

  • Advanced Digital X-rays

    X-rays allow us to create images of all the body's organs.

  • Spay and Neuter

    Spaying and neutering are important and necessary medical procedures that enhance the quality of your pets' life.

  • Vaccinations

    proper vaccination is vital to protecting them from many types of illnesses.

  • Wellness Exams

    wellness exams give us a chance to evaluate the overall health of your pet

  • Anesthesia

    use of anesthesia is a beneficial way to give pets the care they need.

  • Pain Management

    Pets that are in pain are miserable. For this reason, we will do whatever we can to keep your pets comfortable.

  • Laser Therapy

    Laser therapy utilizes the body’s own healing powers by stimulating cellular activity and reducing

  • Tonovet

    Pets can be partially or completely blind in one eye and act like they have normal binocular vision.

  • Allergy Test

    Allergies are a misguided reaction to foreign substances by the body’s immune system

  • Ear Problem

    At Avon Animal Hospital we do exam with video Ear Otoscope.


    We offer TPLO surgery at Avon Animal Hospital. The TPLO procedure is a method to repair a cruciate ligament rupture.