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19475 Fraser Hwy V3S 6K7 Surrey, British Columbia
Phone: (604) 532-7600

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We Treat Your Pets Like Family Member

Avon Animal Hospital provides vet services to your pets (dogs and cats ) in the Surrey, Langley and Cloverdale areas since 2003, We are a full service veterinary clinic.

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A Team Of Experienced Veterinarians

Curing Pet's in Surrey and Langley

Avon Animal hospital has been providing quality, compassionate care to pets in Surrey, Langley, Aldergrove and the surrounding communities since 2003. We speak English,Hindi,Punjabi and urdu.

Our veterinarians and nurses all understand that your pet is a special member of the family, and choosing a veterinarian is the most important decision you will make to ensure your treasured companion’s lifelong health. We believe that diagnosis of our pet's health cannot be done by only improved technology, but majorly depends on the type of relationship between the pet and its owner. Our veterinarians are very much passionate in sharing basic information with the pet owners so that the can make the best choice for their furry friend and be able to provide SOS care to secure the primary stage of the treatment. We are fully equipped with full In-House blood work Lab, Video-otoscope (ear Scope), Digital X-ray, Digital Dental X-ray, Electro-cautery and much more. You can trust us that your loved one is getting the best possible care with use of the latest technology. This helps us to reach early diagnosis and quicker treatment of your pet.


We believe the best medicine is preventive and we always take the time to educate our clients and make right plan which is required depending upon your pets’ life style .

Our veterinarians provide the preventive services like vaccination, deworming, flea control , micro chipping, nutrition, dental care, blood work and other tests.

Our Veterinary Clinic

Our veterinary clinic provides professional and high-standard health care services for your pets.

At Avon Animal Hospital, we have skilled and experienced veterinarians who will take care of your pets with utmost sincerity and patience. If you are looking for most reliable vet clinic in your area, call us or visit our clinic. We are located at Fraser Hwy, Surrey (Beside Willowbrook Shopping Centre). As we are close to the main city of Langley, we have the privilege to cure pets from Langley area too.

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