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Spay And Neuter In Langley To Ensure Better Pet Care

Experienced veterinarians at Avon Animal Hospital in Surrey has been providing the dog spay, Cat Spay, Dog Neuter and cat neuter services in Langley, Surrey and surrounding area since 2003.

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Benefits of Spay and Neuter in Langley For Pampered Pets

  • • If your pet is not spayed/neutered, there could be some serious health issues. Your female is more at risk to develop pyometra (puss in the uterus) , uterine cancer, mammary gland cancer, Prostrate cancer, Prostrate Disease, testicular cancer and other testicular diseases.
  • • Spay and neuter in Langley also helps with some behavioral problems such as marking territory, spraying, fighting, roaming, aggression towards other pets and owners and other peoples too .
  • • Helps to control the unwanted population of pets . .

AT Avon Animal Hospital Our mission is provide top quality, compassionate care through spay and neuter in Surrey. Our Veterinarian take all the steps to give safe anesthetic drugs, surgical procedure, surgical supplies, best monitoring, pain control and best post-operative care to your pet so he should have very good experience. Pets don’t know there destiny our aim is always follow proper pain control protocols.

Spay and Neuter Clinic of surrey and Langley Pet Spaying and Neutering in Cloverdale, Langley and Surrey

Cat Spay & Neutering Costs

Cat Spay price: $65.00&up* (If in heat/early pregnant/ mature can be an additional cost)

Cat neuter price: $55.00&up* *Pain medications are dosed by weight usually between $13.00-18.00 and pain med is mandatory.

Dog Spay & Neutering Costs

Dog Spay price: $85&up* (If in heat/early pregnant/ mature will be an additional cost)

Dog Neuter price: $75.00 &up* Pain medications are dosed by weight usually between $18.00-28.00

  • Pain medication at our pet hospital is mandatory with all dog surgeries
  • If both testicles not descended there will be extra cost call our vet clinic for details
  • Prices are subject to change. Always call us to verify the details.
  • I/V fluid is mandatory for dog spay surgery
  • At our spay and neuter clinic prices are based on age, body weight and physical condition of animal. Please verify the prices before booking the appointment. Pain management, pre-anesthetic blood work, IV fluids, tattoo, microchip or any other service costs are additional to the base price.

At our veterinarian clinic, our Veterinarians have performed thousands of these surgical procedures for dogs and cats. We offer spay and neuter in Surrey for rabbits too. Go to our pain management to know more about pain control methods.

You can call us, our experienced staff will explain you about our surgery and sedation protocols. Avon Pet hospital is offering these services to surrey, Langley, aldergrove, Whiterock ,delta and other surrounding cities since 2003.

Spay and neuter clinic surgery days are Monday-Saturday. The surgeries are performed by veterinarian between 11AM-3PM and pick up times vary between 5PM-8:30PM. At Avon Animal Hospital we book drop off times starting at 8AM up until 12:00PM. For your convenience, if you are not able to drop off on the surgery day, our pet hospital offer drops off the night before at no extra charge. When booking the appointment at our vet clinic we give you pre-surgical fasting instructions (no food past midnight the night before, water through the night is okay but we ask that you take the water dish away in the morning). We would also appreciate if you could please take your dog for a bathroom walk before dropping off.

After your pets surgery, we call you while they are in recovery, let you know how they are doing , how the surgery went and we will give you a time to pick up in the evening. At your assigned pick up time, veterinarian or nurse will explain to you the home care instructions, and any medications that may need to go home. We also settle the bill and answer any questions that you may have before we bring out your pet to you!

Thanks for considering Avon Animal Hospital for your pet’s surgery!