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Skin Allergy

Pet Skin Care and skin Allergy

Dermatology refers to the study of the skin. Skin is large organ of body and is always exposed to environment. Skin disease is a frequently observed problem in dogs and cats. Diagnosing a skin problem in your pet may simply require an examination by a veterinarian; however, most skin diseases or problems require additional steps to accurately obtain a diagnosis. Additional diagnostic procedures may include blood work, urinalysis, skin scrapings, and biopsies. Advanced cases can be referred to a dermatologist.

The cause of skin problems range from hormonal disorders to the common flea. You should book an appointment for your animal if you notice any excessive itchy behavior, loss of hair, and / or the presence of scabs or scale on the skin.

Skin Allergy in Pets

An increasing number of pet skin care cases have allergic skin conditions. Pet skin conditions can be particularly frustrating to deal with since pinpointing the inciting cause is not always possible. Many times, what starts as itchiness, progresses to secondary problems like infected ears, or generalized bacterial or fungal skin infections. Treatment is complex and often involves a variety of medications.

If you are dog or cat is showing any signs of skin disease please call Avon Animal Hospital in Surrey / Langley to book an in-depth appointment with one of our animal vets. Experience and persistence go a long way to solving complicated skin cases. We offer Food allergy testing, environmental allergy testing, Mallasezia yeast testing and other allergen tests too. After testing we will provide you a book what to feed and what not too and how to control environment issues our Animal doctor will discuss all this you.

It is difficult to watch your pet itch excessively and be in pain from a skin condition. It is important to us to see your pet healthy, happy and free from excessive itching. We promise to do what it takes to alleviate your pet’s suffering.

Learn more about our pet hospital medical care or contact us to speak about your pet skin condition.