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X-Ray & Ultra Sound

Diagnostic Services


X-rays are one of the most useful techniques available for diagnosing your pet's problem quickly and efficiently. By providing a snapshot of your pet's body and organs, x-rays can aid in the diagnosis of orthopedic problems such as fractures and hip dysplasia, as well as arthritic changes in bones and joints. X-rays are also used to view the heart, lungs and abdomen, allowing for the diagnosis of heart disease, bladder stones, tumors, blockage, foreign body and other health problems. Avon Animal Hospital in Surrey is equipped with the latest Digital radiographic technology and our highly skilled Veterinarians are well-trained in using radiographic equipment. At Avon Veterinary Clinic we have quick access to send these radiographs to radiologist also when we need more deep study for complicated cases. For your records you can ask us to send you a email copy which you can keep with you sometimes if you need later or at after emergency clinic.

Digital Dental X-Ray

We have in house digital dental X-ray machine and when your pet comes for dental work we can do the dental x-ray and then our veterinarian can find out any underlying issue with root of the tooth. Our veterinarian with help of X-Ray machine can extract the tooth which needs to be extracted. Our veterinarian in Langley, surrey area has provided these services to lot of pets. If you are looking for dental work for your dog or cat in surrey, Langley or other city, call us to get best quality care of your pet.


We have access to Ultrasound specialist to come to our clinic to perform ultrasound on your pet. Ultrasound is a painless, safe, non-invasive procedure veterinarians use to evaluate your pet's internal organs. Using sound waves, ultrasound produces a real-time moving picture of your pet's organs that allows us to visualize objects that cannot be detected by X-rays alone. It is one of the many ways our pet hospital in surrey strive to give you peace of mind when it comes to your pet's health.

At Avon Animal Hospital, we use ultrasound to assess the shape, size, tissue density, internal structure, and position of your pet's abdominal organs, assess cardiac health (also called an echocardiogram), and diagnose pregnancy. It can also be used to identify masses or tumors and as a guide during surgical biopsies. The ultrasound procedure takes between 30 to 60 minutes to perform and, unless it is being used during a surgical biopsy, does not typically require sedation. A diagnosis based on what we see is usually available, which means we can also provide you with treatment options after finding the problem.